Your Stories


Your Stories

  • “Back to normal? Heck, I’m even better!”

    When Connie Welch was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1994, there were no cures for the disease, but she refused to give up hope. Eighteen years later, she was freed of the virus, and today is more energetic than ever!

  • Get the support you need!

    Finding the right support group can help you feel your best—inside and out!—during treatment.

  • “I lost 100 pounds!”

    Shelley Rafilson had always loved singing. She was good at it, too, winning an international competition and landing theater gigs. Yet by 2010, the fatigue from carrying nearly 230 pounds, as well as the pain from fibromyalgia, were threatening her singing dreams.

  • When People Say the Wrong Thing About Cancer

    If you have early-stage cancer, you might be on the receiving end of insensitive remarks. Find the perfect comebacks here.  

  • Sarah’s Lessons in Living With Breast Cancer

    A Stage IV breast cancer diagnosis caused wife and mother Sarah to tap her inner reserves for a strength she never knew she had.