“I Got a New Lease on Life—Twice!”

TV pundit Star Jones explains why dropping 10 dress sizes was only the first step on her road to good health.

Gina Roberts-Grey

Sneak in exercise.
Before weight-loss surgery, Star admits that she was sedentary. “I never met a driver I didn’t love,” she jokes. Even when going just a few blocks, she used to let someone drive her. Now, Star builds fitness into her day by walking whenever she can. “The day I finished cardiac rehab, I celebrated by walking 12 blocks home.”

Find an outlet like Pinky.
Star was “prescribed” an emotional support dog—a pet trained to provide therapeutic benefit through companionship and affection. “My dog, Pinky, is a service animal. There is nothing better than when you walk into a house and there’s a tiny dependent greeting you. She doesn’t care if someone says something nasty or if I have two trials to cover. She just sees me as ‘mommy’ and thinks Do you want to cuddle? She’s really the best thing that I could have ever, ever done.”






June 2013