Have Your Healthiest Summer Ever!

Try one of these wellness tips this season.

Health Monitor Staff
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Breathe easy with asthma
Watch pollen counts. Go to the National Allergy Bureau’s website (aaaai.org/nab) for a daily ranking of allergens, including seasonal tree pollens, grasses, weeds and outdoor molds. Stay indoors, if possible, when levels are high or very high.

Manage humidity. With the warmer months comes increased humidity, a major factor in the growth and spread of triggers like mold and dust mites inside your home. Measure your indoor levels with a humidity monitor, called a hygrometer, available at discount or hardware stores. The indoor humidity should be between 35% and 50%. If your humidity levels register above that mark, it’s time to invest in a dehumidifier.

Flying with a nut allergy? Book the earliest possible flight. These days, airliners are usually cleaned just once a day, and often that’s at night. So an early-bird flight helps ensure the most pristine environment possible.

Allergic to bee stings? Avoid flowery prints! Believe it or not, flowery shirts and dresses can attract stinging insects like bees and wasps, which may mistake you for their food source.  

July 2013