Have Your Healthiest Summer Ever!

Try one of these wellness tips this season.

Health Monitor Staff
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your skin!
Get a “broad-spectrum” sunscreen.
It will block both UVA and UVB rays, giving you full protection.

Go for a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Keep in mind, products with an SPF of more than 50 don’t offer any additional benefits, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Apply enough. You’ll 
need an ounce to cover your body—enough to fill a shot glass.

Don’t forget your ears, the tops and bottoms of your feet and the backs of your hands. If your hair is thin or you have a part, cover your head with a hat or scarf. 

Reapply often—at least every two hours. And reapply immediately after swimming or excessive sweating.

Wear blue to 
thwart UV rays. Fend off sun damage fashionably: If you’re spending the day in the sun, go for a deep blue or red outfit. Scientists 
say those colors provide 
greater UV protection 
than shades of yellow or white.

Enjoy the great outdoors pain-free—even with arthritis
Hosting a barbecue?
Think shortcuts. Buy preformed hamburgers and precut chicken parts so you don’t have to cramp your hands doing the work yourself. Buy smaller or precut steaks to reduce the weight when grilling, premade salads to reduce chopping and condiments in smaller, lighter bottles for easier-to-hold packaging.

Try trekking poles at the beach. Walking in sand can be especially tough on joints in your feet, ankles and knees. Trekking poles—designed with pointy ends that dig into sand—can help keep you stable and pain-free. Buy the lightest set you can find to prevent arm and wrist strain.

Take a worry-free hike. Prevent falls by investing in a pair of rubber-soled shoes, which provide a firm grip and secure traction. Also, walk on the grass when gravel is wet to steer clear of a slip.

Get an (easy) grip on your flower garden. Now that summer’s in full swing, so are the weeds in your garden. Make plucking them pain-free by using a stand-up weeder with a plunger-like mechanism. You just push the handle into the soil and up pops the weed!

Stay safe in the heat with diabetes
Wear sandals at the beach.
Cuts or 
nicks on feet can be dangerous for people with diabetes, since their bodies take longer to heal from wounds. So buy sandals or water shoes to wear on land and in the water.

Use a non-deodorant antiperspirant spray. This will help 
secure the adhesive on your insulin infusion set. Or, try 
paper tape. For insulin pump users, excessive perspiration can pose a problem.

Prevent supplies from being damaged. Extreme heat and cold can damage insulin. It should always be kept at 36° to 46°F if unopened and below 86°F once opened. So if you’re going out on a hot day, toss your insulin, syringes, alcohol swabs and glucose in a plastic, zip-top bag and place it in a thermal lunch bag with frozen gel packs.
Tip: Never leave your supplies in a hot car. The interior temperature can soar to oven-like temperatures in just minutes!

Vacationing at a hotel? Call ahead to ask if your room will include a fridge. That way, you’ll know where you can store your supplies. You may be able to request a fridge in your room. Most hotels will waive their daily fee if the use of the fridge is medically necessary, so be sure to tell the staff.

July 2013