Satisfying Smoothies

Get blending! These simple-to-make vegan smoothies combine mouthwatering ingredients, which are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Stephanie Guzowski

Smoothies are a refreshingly easy way to boost your nutrition and quench your thirst. These healthy blends energize with fruit, immune-boosting yogurt and other nutritional ingredients. Whip up one of these frosty treats today!

Blueberry Beginning
Blueberries pack this smoothie with disease-fighting antioxidants. Their delicious tartness balances the natural sweetness of the banana and vanilla soy milk. You’ll get a hefty dose of bone-building calcium, along with 11 grams of protein, to keep you energized.
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Heavenly Honeydew
This super-hydrating, low-calorie smoothie is sweetened by banana and honeydew—both rich in blood pressure-lowering potassium. It’s best made in the height of the summer when naturally sweet and juicy honeydew are at their peak. Tip: The better the melon tastes when you freeze it, the better your smoothie will taste!
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Cherry Kiwi Kiss
Kiwi are an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system and protect against heart disease. In fact, a kiwi is packed with more vitamin C than an equal amount of orange! Blend this tangy fruit with the sweetness of antioxidant-rich cherries and strawberries for a nutritional powerhouse.
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Strawberry-Banana-Peach Shake
This fruity light blend is rich in protein and heart-healthy fiber, which help keep hunger in check. Plus, the bananas offer stress-relieving power: A medium banana contains 30% of the day’s vitamin B6, which helps your brain produce mood-lifting serotonin.
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January 2014