Daphne Oz's Stress-Busting Secrets

Food and lifestyle guru Daphne Oz on defusing everyday anxiety triggers—and why tackling your stress the right way can boost your health!

Ellen Byron

Daphne Oz seems to have it all: Hit TV show (cohost of ABC’s The Chew). Awesome cook and best-selling author (Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun). Happy home life (Daphne and hubby, John, just had their first baby—a girl.) And if there’s time, appearances for her dad on The Dr. Oz Show.

Daphne’s the first to say how grateful she is for all of her blessings—but not for the stress that comes with juggling a jam-packed schedule! Here's how she defuses a stressful situation before it wreaks havoc.

Photo By Belathée Photography

Stress Starter: “I’m Late—Again!” 
“The thing that stresses me out most is being late, and yet somehow, I’m a pathological procrastinator and am always running 10 minutes behind,” Daphne admits.

Bust it: Set your watch to be stress-free. “I’ve set all my clocks 10 minutes ahead. Usually, even though I know I’m not really late, the illusion that I might be gets me out the door a little bit faster.” 

Stress Starter: “I’m Caught in the Worry Cycle”
“If I have one regret, it is all the time I’ve wasted worrying,” shares Daphne. “Worrying is simply a prayer for the worst possible scenario and wastes precious energy.”

Bust it: “Ask this question: Will thinking about this make it better, do nothing or make it worse?” says Daphne. “Being aware of when I’m working myself into a tizzy over either a situation I can’t control, or something where the outcome can’t be seen and I’m just negatively hypothesizing about it, is the first step to recovery.”

Stress Starter: “I Go to Bed Way Too Late”
“I let hours slip away hitting the refresh button on my email, answering Twitter and Facebook messages, and endlessly pinning on Pinterest—my favorite procrastination activity! Before I know it, it’s 11:30 pm and I’m exhausted.”

Bust it: Give your gadgets a bedtime. “The best thing I did was commit most nights—season finales and amazing movies aside—to turning off technology at 9 pm.” One exception: Listening to a gadget. “I pop on a fiction podcast and am snoozing in minutes!”

Stress Starter: “I’m Tempted by Food All Day!”
“One of the hazards of my job is that it’s easy to put on weight when you have Iron Chefs cooking for you daily,” says Daphne, laughing.

Bust it: Say the magic numbers. “I had to teach myself to stick to a two-bite rule on the show,” Daphne explains. “The first bite is to experience all the flavors, and the second is to savor the indulgence.” Another trick: “Counting to my age before I take a bite of anything ‘naughty’ is a great way to give myself time to make a conscious choice.” 

March 2014