Meet Dawn Empey: 2015 DE Semifinalist

Dawn Empey RN-C, CDE, practices at Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo, Tx

Health Monitor Staff
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Patient Darlene L. shares how this diabetes educator made a difference in her life:

"I wish to nominate my Diabetes Educator, Dawn Empey, for the LifeChanger Award. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes I felt devastated. I was sure this was my fault since no one in my family has diabetes, there was a feeling of shame and disappointment. I was sent to the classes at Shannon Hospital here in San Angelo, Texas where Dawn Empey, made me feel at ease immediately.

She is very compassionate because she herself has Type 1 Diabetes. With her own diagnosis, she is extremely passionate about informing others about the potentially devastating disease. I have seen her volunteering her time in the grocery store on weekends, with no compensation, to educate shoppers with discussions about reading labels and carbohydrate consumption.Dawn teaches that everyone can live a healthy lifestyle and she is a wonderful role model. She made me feel at ease immediately by conveying educational information in an understandable manner.

Under her tutelage, I learned to make food choices easily. Dawn made the maze of numbers and calculations naturally achievable with just a few exchanges. No more sweet tea for this Texas gal! She instructed me on how to maintain good blood glucose control and proceed with confidence.

Dawn's support changed my despair into hope. I entered her classroom filled with apprehension and dreading restrictions, but I left a few hours later completely informed and feeling assured that I could maintain a great life with a varied diet. Dawn continues to bolster my confidence with new and enticing recipes. She selflessly makes herself available for assistance whenever asked. Dawn Empey taught me to take control of my life. Yes, diabetes changed my life but I am not encumbered, I am empowered!—Darlene L.

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April 2015

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