Alzheimer’s/Dementia Resources

Looking for more info on Alzheimer’s or dementia? Hoping to connect with others who understand you? These organizations offer the answers you want and the support you need.

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Alzheimer's Prevention Registry
The Alzheimer's Prevention Registry is an online community of individuals committed to ending Alzheimer's. The registry provides members with the latest research happenings, scientific advances and information on brain health. Members are also given the opportunity to participate in prevention trials launching around the U.S.

Leaders Engaged on Alzheimer's Disease (LEAD)
LEAD is a diverse and growing national coalition of 61 member organizations, including patient advocacy and voluntary health nonprofits, philanthropies and foundations, trade and professional associations, academic research and clinical institutions, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The coalition works collaboratively to focus the nation's strategic attention on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders and to accelerate transformational progress in care and support, detection and diagnosis, and research leading to prevention, effective treatment and eventual cure.


Caregiver Action Network (CAN)
The Caregiver Action Network is the nation's leading family caregiver organization working to improve the quality of life for the more than 65 million Americans who care for loved ones with chronic conditions, disabilities, disease or the frailties of old age. CAN serves a broad spectrum of family caregivers ranging from the parents of children with special needs to adult children caring for parents with Alzheimer's disease. CAN (formerly the National Family Caregivers Association) is a nonprofit organization providing education, peer support and resources to family caregivers across the country free of charge.

Alzheimer's Foundation
of America

A national nonprofit organization focused on providing optimal care to individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses, caregivers and families. AFA provides various care-related services, including educational materials, free caregiver magazine, counseling and referrals by licensed social workers, and training for healthcare professionals; and unites 1,600 member organizations nationwide that provide hands-on resources.


USAAgainst Alzheimer's (USA2) is a national campaign and advocacy network committed to raising Alzheimer's awareness and stopping the disease by 2020. USA2 works to educate the public, the media and policymakers about the urgency of accelerating research and innovation for Alzheimer's prevention, care and ultimately a cure.
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