Losing Weight for the Sake of Her Family

Mom Melinda Winner, who has rheumatoid arthritis, shares the journey of her 100-pound weight loss.

Beth Shapouri
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Prepare your own meals
Melissa says making your own meals is the best way to control what you’re eating. Here’s how Melissa makes cooking easy:

• Think “spin.” “Get a cart with wheels for moving ingredients from counter to counter, a plant stand on wheels for moving pots and trash cans and lazy Susans to make grabbing things easier.”
• Organize your kitchen. “My rule for organizing my kitchen cabinets and cupboards is light on top, heavy on the bottom. So, heavy pots on bottom shelves, lighter items on high shelves.”
• Invest in a stand mixer. “One of these helps you make everything from bread to meat loaf and you never have to use your hands.”

Make exercise painless
Soreness and stiffness can stand in the way of your best exercise intentions. Here’s how Melissa is able to stick to her fitness routine.

• Do a little something every day. “I started by walking just a few steps. And I’ve found that, if I do not walk every day, the pain in my legs is horrible. The less I move, the greater the pain and stiffness!”

• Try this stretching trick. ”I do stretching exercises in a tub filled with warm, salty water. The water soothes and takes the pressure off my joints. It feels wonderful!”
• Look for warm- and cold-compress products. ”To soothe flare-ups in my hands that might prevent me from exercising, I cup each hand around a small ball I heat in the microwave or put in the freezer. It’s my ‘cure’ for pain!”

Note: Always clear any diet or exercise program with your physician before beginning.


April 2013