Caregivers and Social Media

Not sure where to turn for help? Find out how Facebook, twitter and more can help you get educated, stay organized and provide an outlet to vent.

Diana Bierman
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30 Boxes
What it is: A collaborative calendar, lets you make and share a personal schedule with others. Forget about sloppy handwriting on the calendar in your home—use 30 Boxes to get organized with ease.

How it can help: With your hectic schedule, it’s easy to forget important events. With the click of a button, add doctor’s appointments, times to give your loved one medication and other tasks. Or compile a to-do list if you need an extra reminder when to cook dinner or do laundry. Share your calendar with family members and friends who may need to know where you are.

Online forums
What it is:
An online forum connects you with people in similar situations. These message boards have different threads that distinguish topics. Post questions, comments or even go on a venting spree. Conversely, find advice, stories and offer someone your support. Threads are usually archived, which allows you to go back and check out a discussion you may have missed. Not sure where to start? Look for a condition-specific forum via an online search engine.

How it can help: Sometimes it’s unfulfilling to vent to friends, who can’t fully understand the stress you’re going through. Forums allow you to share thoughts with those who get it. And many allow you to remain anonymous, so you don’t have to fear hurting someone’s feelings or worry about being judged. This social media haven is also useful for receiving tips and guidance. Curious what techniques have helped others in your situation? Ask away! Overall, whatever the issue may be, an online forum reminds you that you’re not alone.

November 2012