Your RA Winter Survival Guide

Don’t be scared by the chilly weather! With these strategies, you’ll thrive with rheumatoid arthritis all season long.

Katie Alberts
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Head off weight gain

  • Trick yourself into eating light. “One of my favorite tips is to wear fitted clothes instead of baggy sweaters,” reveals fashion entrepreneur Divya Gugnani. “Having that snug layer close to my body reminds me not to overindulge.”
  • Have a “food exit” strategy. “If I find myself overeating at a party, I disengage and get away from the food by taking a tour of the house,” says dietitian Elizabeth Somer. “Ask to see the upstairs, the basement, the porch…whatever it takes!”
  • Sneak in exercise. “If I know I’ll be skipping a workout, I find little ways to inject aerobic exercise and stretching into the day,” says exercise researcher Sheri Colberg, PhD. “This is the time of year when taking the stairs, parking far from the entrance and lifting your children—or grandchildren—makes a huge difference.”
April 2013