Get Relief for RA Joint Pain and Stiffness

Find out why giving your doctor the details about your rheumatoid arthritis pain—where it hurts and what it feels like—is key to effective treatment.

Katie Alberts
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Working with your doctor helps
Ginger is feeling pretty great these days, and she gets a large part of the credit. The reason? She built a solid, trusting relationship with her doctor, being frank about her symptoms and providing details (like what her pain felt like, what might have triggered it and what might make it feel better) that helped him determine the treatment path that made sense for her. Plus, she wasn’t afraid to experiment. “I tried every treatment my doctor suggested, giving each one a fair chance, until I found the one that brought me relief.”

Today, in addition to following her treatment plan, she has a few pampering tricks: “I’ve always liked Dead Sea salts, so I do a bath with those and I feel like a million bucks afterward,” she says. “And sometimes, to forget my pain, I take a drive to these pretty waterfalls that are nearby. I recently told my doctor he saved my life—he gave me my life back.”

April 2013