Don’t Let RA Pain Throw a Wrench in Your Relationships

Whether you’re with your friends, family or loved ones, these tips will help ensure good times even when you’re enduring joint pain, fatigue and irritability.

Maxine Rock
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When you’re with your friends

  • Get comfy with your companions. You can have fun with your pals and still take arthritis into account. Share a spa day that includes professional massages, or sign up for a joint workout session with a trainer who understands RA. Meet for water aerobics or yoga or do an exercise DVD together. If you're having an arthritis flare, you and your friends can listen to your favorite music, or rent a great movie and watch it from the comfort of home.
  • Grab a deck. Bored of going out to lunch? Have fun playing poker or another favorite card game. It’s a fun way to pass time without stressing your joints—or your pocketbook!
July 2012