8 Style Tips for Women With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Having rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t have to mean living in dowdy sweats and T-shirts. Use these tips to stay comfy without giving up the glam.

Gina Roberts-Grey
Reviewed by
John Varga, MD
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6. Select shoes with care. Finish off your look with slip-on shoes. Not having ties or buckles makes them simple to put on and take off without your having to bend down. Kelly says that it’s impossible to tell whether or not a shoe will be comfortable based on how it looks. “Try on several pairs,” he says, “to find shoes that feel great.” 

7. Jazz it up with jewelry. Dress up your wrists with pretty stretch bracelets. Beaded on elastic bands, they can be slipped on and off. Vary the look—wear a single band, or create the illusion of stacked bracelets with multiple bands. They may have lightweight plastic beads, glass beads, stones and even gems. Most stretch bracelets, though, tend to be costume jewelry rather than fine jewelry. Also look for long necklaces that you can slip over your head. Create a trendy looking multi-strand necklace by doubling or tripling a long one. “With colorful strands around your neck,” Kelly adds, “you can forgo fighting with earrings.”

8. Look good, feel good. Clothes that look good can help you triumph over RA. A woman who looks good naturally feels good, Kelly points out. And that good feeling can help you do what it takes to stay as healthy and active as possible. 

April 2013