4 Simple Solutions to a Healthier Life With RA

Try these simple rheumatoid arthritis-friendly tweaks to make your life just a little bit easier!

Katie Alberts

1.   Reconsider your footwear
According to a study in Arthritis Care & Research, wearing heavy clogs or special walking shoes exerts excess force on knees, resulting in pain. Which shoes are best? Flat, flexible thong sandals and sneakers, which help take a load off your knees!

2.   Cut carcinogens in grilled meats
Cooking meat and poultry at very high temps can create cancer-causing compounds. To protect yourself, marinate meat in a blend of olive oil, garlic and herbs before grilling—the antioxidant-fat combo blocks the formation of the carcinogens! 

3.   The “show-off” secret to easier weight loss
If you’re planning a summer diet or starting a new fitness plan, it’s a good idea to track your progress in a log or journal. But to lose the most weight, show your weight log and food diary to a designated buddy every few days!

4.   Finish meals with a “digestion dessert”
Eating a dessert full of refined carbs can hinder proper digestion, so serve yourself fresh pineapple instead. Its powerful enzymes help break down proteins and promote healthy gut function. (Pineapple too acidic? A slice of papaya has the same benefits!)  

April 2013