Start the Day With Yoga in Bed

You can love waking up each morning! Yoga teacher Naomi Sophia Call shares her favorite stretches.

Lori Murray
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Yoga mudra

  1. From a sitting position on your heels or pillow, inhale and raise your arms in front of your torso to shoulder height.
  2. Exhale and draw your arms behind your back as you clasp your fingers together.
  3. Press your knuckles or fists down toward the bed as you open up through your chest and sternum. Squeeze your shoulder blades back and together.
  4. Exhale and allow your body to hinge forward as you bring your forehead toward the bed.
  5. Gently inhale as you bring your arms up toward the ceiling or let them rest on your tailbone. Breathe, slowly release and pause.

Naomi’s yoga tips

  • Set a goal that you can achieve without frustration. Even doing just one stretch can make a difference.
  • Start with deep breathing. Lie on your back, close your eyes and rest your hands on your navel. Imagine your belly as a big yellow balloon. As you inhale, feel your belly pressing out toward your palms. Pause, and then exhale, feeling your navel drop back toward your spine. Repeat for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Hold each posture for several full breaths (inhalation and exhalation).
  • Stop if you feel pain. Never “power through” a stretch.

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April 2013