Boxing Legend Larry Holmes Knocks Out Gout

The former heavyweight boxing champ was known for his wicked left jab. But today he's outsmarting a new opponent—the pain caused by gout!

Dennis Murray
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Win the bout against gout!
Larry uses this one-two punch: medication and avoidance of gout triggers. If you have more than two attacks a year, daily medication is needed to keep uric acid in check, says rheumatologist David Mandel, MD, who practices in Mayfield Village, OH. Here are common gout triggers; ask your doctor if you're at risk for other ones.

  • Alcohol. Beer and clear liquors (like gin or vodka) contain purines, natural substances that can raise uric acid.
  • Red meat and shellfish. Again, blame the purines in these foods. Larry had to give up eating lobster because of the severe pain it caused afterward.
  • Extra weight. Carrying too much weight, especially in the gut, can contribute to gout. If you're too heavy, ask your doctor for diet and exercise advice.
March 2013