Celebrity Stories

Celebrity Stories

  • Reigning Over RA

    Beauty pageant queen Julia Warden kicked rheumatoid arthritis off center stage—and shares how you can, too!

  • Don’t Let RA Pain Mess With Your Game!

    Feeling sidelined by RA? Get back your peak form with these tips from pro golfer Kristy McPherson.

  • Erik Lindbergh: “I Hit Rock Bottom—and the Only Place to Go Was Up”

    The grandson of aviator Charles Lindbergh, Erik, went from denial to acceptance of his RA.

  • Boxing Legend Larry Holmes Knocks Out Gout

    The former heavyweight boxing champ was known for his wicked left jab. But today he's outsmarting a new opponent—the pain caused by gout!

  • Chef Rocco DiSpirito’s Recipe for Relief

    Relentless back pain almost sidelined the celebrity chef's career. That was until he lost 30 pounds and began turning "downfall dishes" like lasagna into a dieter's dream.