Long-Distance Caregiver? How to Make Your Contribution Count

Just because you live far away doesn't mean you can't help your loved one with RA. Get tips here.

Stacey Feintuch
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Reach out to others for more info
Keep in touch with your mother's or sister's neighbors, friends and other relatives to gauge their opinion of how your loved one is doing. Schedule regular calls or online chats with the primary caregiver to get a firsthand take on the situation.

Start saving
Build an emergency fund for unexpected flights, rental cars, gas, unpaid time off from work and other expenses. Save a few vacation or personal days for a last-minute trip to see your loved one. By putting money aside and knowing who will handle your own affairs at home—kids, mail, pets and so on—while you’re away, you can feel better prepared for spontaneous visits.

December 2011