Outsmart Back Pain When You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can sometimes contribute to back pain—and so can other things. Find out what they are and how to nip pain in the bud!

Paula Dranov
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4. Back buster: back muscles deteriorate
The older you get and the less you exercise, the more likely it is that these key back-supporting muscles will let you down.

Your abs, your buttocks muscles and the extensor muscles in your back support the spine, so making these stronger and more flexible is key. And don’t think you have to work up a sweat!

Here’s an exercise to try while sitting or standing: Pull your belly button in toward your back. This forces you to use your abdominal muscles, automatically forcing you to sit or stand straighter. Or try low-impact aerobic activities like walking or swimming. Avoid activities like tennis, weight lifting, running and aerobic dance that could hurt your back because they require twisting, lifting or pounding. 

April 2013