Got Psoriasis? Try These Simple Skin-Care Tips

Learn the secrets to taking care of your skin when you have psoriasis.

Health Monitor Staff
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When you have psoriasis, safeguarding your skin is very important to help avoid flare-ups. Here are some tips for keeping skin healthy:

Take daily baths
Add bath oil, oatmeal bath preparations, Epsom salts or Dead Sea salts to lukewarm water. Soak for at least 15 minutes. This eases itching and inflammation.

Especially right after bathing, applying a heavy, ointment-based moisturizer will lock moisture into your skin. This prevents dryness and cracking. During winter months, using a humidifier also can help.

Don't scratch, rub or pick
Psoriasis often is terribly itchy, but scratching can make lesions appear or aggravate the inflammation. Instead, try applying a cold compress, a menthol-based ointment or a topical cortisone cream.

Get some sun (in small doses)
Sunlight can improve lesions, but too much can aggravate psoriasis. Check with your healthcare provider first if you're undergoing UV or retinoid therapy. Then keep sun sessions short, and apply a sunscreen to unaffected areas before you go out.

Wear cotton
Cotton is less likely than any other fabric to irritate your skin.

February 2012