Prostate Cancer: Your Healthcare Team

During your prostate cancer treatment, a variety of medical professionals may come in and out of your life. Find out which healthcare providers you may work with.

Health Monitor Staff
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Urologist—a doctor who specializes in the urinary tract and the male reproductive organs, and who can diagnose, treat and manage patients with urological disorders, such as prostate cancer

Medical oncologist—an MD who specializes in treating advanced prostate cancer with medicine, including chemotherapy

Radiation oncologist—an MD who treats cancer using radiation

Surgical oncologist—an MD who treats cancer through surgery

Palliative care doctor—an MD with expertise in pain-relief methods to improve quality of life, especially in advanced cancer cases

Oncology nurse—an RN who provides care, support and education during your cancer treatment

Infusion nurse—an RN who administers medications through infusions for those with advanced cancer

Nurse navigator—an RN or NP who can assist you at every stage of your cancer care, from scheduling treatments to accessing social and financial resources

Registered dietitian—a nutrition expert who can help you choose the best foods to eat, especially for those times you may not feel up to eating

Psychiatrist—an MD who can prescribe medication to help you deal with depression, anxiety or other mental issues that arise as a result of your cancer diagnosis and treatment

Psychologist—a mental health professional who provides counseling for emotional issues

Social worker—a professional who can help you deal with psychological and social issues as well as financial concerns, including insurance matters

May 2013