“Live your life”

Words of wisdom from my doctor

Health Monitor Staff
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Steve Cooper, diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer in 2012
Las Vegas, NE

How it helps me
“Dr. Bigelow essentially told me: Go live your life. Enjoy it. I think it was a powerful message. To me it was permission to go back to running my business. To exercise. To travel. I was in Arizona and had been considering moving to Las Vegas, but when I got diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer, I wasn’t sure I should do that. Dr. Bigelow assured me it was okay. Focusing on your cancer can consume your time, and you can start to become neurotic. But there’s no reason not to still try to make the most of everyday and plan for a happy future!”

Kevin R. Bigelow, MD, Ironwood Urology,
Phoenix, AZ

Why it works
“It’s important for patients with metastatic prostate cancer to know that we can control the disease and their symptoms for many years, and they can have a normal healthy life. I encourage patients to live their lives as if they didn’t have prostate cancer and to enjoy the activities they love. It’s good for their mindset, and patients who have a positive outlook and a better attitude do better. There was no reason for Steve to feel trapped when he wanted to move. There are many excellent centers for cancer care throughout the country. I arranged for Steve to see a doctor who was well qualified to take care of him.”

November 2014