Questions to Ask About Your Chemotherapy

Health Monitor Staff
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The more you know about chemotherapy for prostate cancer and what to expect, the more comfortable and confident you’ll feel about your treatment. Ask these questions at your next appointment:

  1. Why have you recommended chemotherapy for me, and what results do you hope to achieve with this chemo?
  2. What chemo medications will be used?
  3. How will these medications be administered and what is my chemotherapytreatment schedule?
  4. What side effects might I expect?  What side effects do I need to watch for? What should I report to you immediately?
  5. How can I limit these side effects? Are there medications I can take to ease or prevent these side effects?
  6. What are my risks from this type of chemo?
  7. Who on your team should I contact? May I have contact information?
  8. How long will my chemo sessions last? Can I have visitors?
  9. Do you recommend having a port implanted?
  10. What lifestyle modifications can I make in order to feel my best during chemo?
  11. Does chemo put me at risk for other health conditions? If so, what can I do to prevent them from developing?
  12. Can I/should I work during chemo? Exercise? Socialize?
May 2013