How to Prepare For Your Chemo Session

Health Monitor Staff
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Before you go

  • Arrange for a ride to and from your session
  • Schedule any other health screenings you may need (like your dental checkup)
  • Find out if you’ll need paperwork or test results sent to you to take to your first session, or sent to the chemo site in advance
  • Drink plenty of water the day before

Speed through check-in (on your first day) by taking

  • Insurance and hospital registration cards
  • Names and addresses of your referring physician and primary care doctor
  • A list of your medications and your pharmacy phone number

Pack some creature comforts

  • A sweatshirt or sweater
  • A pillow and blanket
  • Warm socks and slippers
  • Lotion for your hands and feet (which can get especially dry during treatment)
  • A favorite knit cap or baseball hat

Make time fly with

  • A book, newspaper or magazines
  • A portable CD/DVD player
  • An MP3 player (charged)
  • A handheld game
  • A laptop
  • A pair of headphones
  • A crossword or Sudoku puzzle book

Curb thirst, hunger and side effects with

  • A bag lunch and/or snacks—it’s especially important to have a small snack if you’re being given a steroid with your chemo. Avoid heavy or greasy foods on the day of your infusions.
  • Water or a fizzy drink to help curb nausea
  • Gum, breath mints or hard candy to freshen your mouth
May 2013