Metastatic Prostate Cancer

True Inspiration

  • Living life to the fullest with metastatic prostate cancer

    Are you planning for fun times in the months ahead? Austin resident Ric Fox thinks that’s a good idea—and that’s despite being diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer four years ago.

  • ‘‘5 years
 later, I’m thriving!’’

    By the time doctors found Allan Beall’s prostate cancer back in 2009, it had already spread to the lymph nodes and the spine, ribs, shoulders and skull. His PSA? A whopping 3,728! “Doctors who first saw me thought I would not make it beyond 2010.”

  • “I feel good!”

    That means something is working right for Marshall Mullins, who’s been facing down stage IV prostate cancer for more than two years.

  • “We’re making every moment matter!”

    Get inspired by four patients who won’t let cancer get the best of them.

  • “I’m still creating memories!”

    With a care team he could trust, Bryan Frame found hope for the future.

You & Your Healthcare Team

  • Talk about your pain

    “There’s no reason to live with pain when we have the ability to control it,” says Carmen R. Green, MD, University of Michigan Medical School professor of anesthesiology.

  • Ask Dr. Garnick

    Marc B. Garnick, MD, is a renowned expert in medical oncology and urologic cancer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Gorman Brothers Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

  • Tracking your progress

    Your care team will rely on a number of tests to see how you’re doing during treatment, including:

  • “Live your life”

    Words of wisdom from my doctor

  • Know your treatment options

    Yes—you do have choices, even when your cancer has metastasized!

Bone Health & Cancer

  • Bone metastases: Key questions to ask your doctor

    Ask these questions today

  • How bone mets are treated

    Learn about your options

  • Are your bones at risk for fracture?

    Check any of the below statements that apply to you.

  • When cancer puts your bones at risk

    Today’s treatments can strengthen bones, reduce the number of fractures and in some cases prevent further cancer spread.


  • Being there for your loved one

    Not sure how to provide your man with the TLC he needs? Take your cue from Marlys Johnson and Marilyn Mullins, whose spouses are both battling the disease.