Questions to Ask About Sex

Health Monitor Staff
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You may have a number of questions about how prostate cancer will affect your sex life. For different men, at different stages of their lives, the importance of sexual activity can vary. This is perfectly natural. Also, different treatments (surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy or immunotherapy) can all have various effects on sexual function. Knowing what you might expect can help you feel more in control of your health. Here are some questions you might ask your healthcare provider:

  • Can I have sex during treatment?
  • If I can’t have sex during treatment, when is it safe to resume intercourse?
  • How will my libido change during treatment? How will my libido change after treatment?
  • Will I experience erectile dysfunction (ED) after treatment?
  • How common is ED?
  • What cancer treatments cause ED?
  • What determines the severity of ED?
  • Will ED improve or get worse after treatment?
  • Can ED be treated?
  • Will I become infertile?
  • If I want to father a child, should I bank my sperm before treatment?
  • Can I still have an orgasm after treatment?
  • Can my treatment hurt my partner?
  • Should we enroll in couples counseling?
May 2013