Take Control of Prostate Cancer

Take aim at your prostate cancer with a mighty arsenal: your healthcare team, modern medicine, the support of loved ones—and your will to survive.

Health Monitor Staff
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Sit there and take it? No way! Why would you? With the cutting-edge care available today, there’s no reason for any man to give in to prostate cancer. Sure, you’ll need a chance to process the diagnosis. But then it’s time—time to roll up your sleeves and fight back, time to show cancer who's boss!

So what’s the first step? Preparing yourself. Indeed, knowing what to expect before, during and after treatment—and what you can do to feel your best throughout—can help you get the best benefit from your cancer therapy. And that’s where this site comes in. We talked to doctors and nurses on the front lines of cancer care. We also talked to men who are facing, or have faced, prostate cancer themselves. Take Bob Hill, who was diagnosed nearly a decade ago. The first thing he did? “I named my cancer ‘Karl.’ If I could name him, I could beat him,” says Bob who also offers this advice: “You don’t have to go it alone—and you shouldn’t. There’s plenty of help—but you have to reach out and get it.” Today, he’s cancer-free and thriving.

Remember: This is your time. So sit back and spend a few minutes on our site. You’ll gain the knowledge that will give you confidence—and your cancer something to worry about.

May 2013