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  • 9 Ways to Live Better With Prostate Cancer

    We asked health professionals and people living with prostate cancer for their best tips on strengthening your body and boosting your spirits.

  • Your Pain-Management Plan

    You don't have to live with prostate cancer pain. Follow these steps.

Your Sex Life

  • Questions to Ask About Sex

    How can prostate cancer affect your sex life? Here are some concerns to discuss with your healthcare provider.

  • Erectile Dysfunction and Other Sexual Issues

    What to know about erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and other sexual concerns.

  • Sex After Prostate Cancer

    These tips will help you and your partner reignite that spark.

Your Relationships

  • Beat Prostate Cancer With the Help of Others

    You don’t have to cope with prostate cancer alone. Here’s how to network your way back to better health.