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AACE & Health Monitor Network offer a new member benefit:
The Digital Exam Room Poster

AACE is pleased to announce that Health Monitor, a valued Corporate AACE Partnership (CAP) member for many years, is offering AACE members with offices located in the US (excluding Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) the opportunity to have their exam rooms equipped with a new informational tool – the Digital Exam Room Poster – at no cost.

The Digital Exam Room Poster provides your practice with a valuable patient education tool. As an AACE member you are eligible to receive up to two Digital Posters for your exam rooms at no cost to you. This easy to use interactive digital tool is designed to save you important patient education time and add to your patients’ understanding and overall satisfaction.

Each content panel, sub-panel and video is reviewed by a leading AACE member to provide you and your patients with quick, easily understood and independent endocrine-specific patient education.  This new member benefit is an addition to Health Monitor Network’s well-regarded Diabetes Health Monitor publication for your patients’ waiting room that many AACE members now receive. 

Watch Daniel Einhorn, MD, FACP, FACE, Past President, AACE, discuss how the digital exam-room poster
can benefit your practice.

Signing up for this FREE exam room essential is easy! Simply sign up here or call this toll-free number 800-422-4112. The installation will be handled from there, professionally and quickly, by Health Monitor Network.

We hope you will find this new innovative patient education interactive tool beneficial to your practice and your patients.

Donald C. Jones, CEO 
American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists


Your practice benefits from ….

Improved ambiance
in your exam room

Creating a relaxing exam-room ambiance will significantly decrease patients’ stress levels.

improve ambiance

Medically reviewed Endocrinology-specific information

Each poster features educational charts, diagrams and tips on managing Endocrine conditions, and tips on preparing for the visit. It’s easy to operate and its health literacy level is designed for patients, as well as healthcare professionals. The Posters are also available in Neurology, Oncology, Rheumatology and Primary Care with more to come.


Award-winning content

Our Digital Exam-Room Posters feature medically reviewed, independent and award winning content that inspires and motivates patients, adding value to the trusted relationship between you and your patients.

Award winning content


Ease of use and flawless functionality

Our posters were designed with your office and patients in mind. The 21.5" screen silently rotates panels every 25 seconds, with no interaction needed from healthcare professionals, office staff or patients. Posters require no Internet connection—just an outlet and wall space—and meet all HIPAA requirements. We will install the unit free at your convenience, and customer service is available 24/7.

Ease of use
Watch how it works

Patients will benefit from...

leaf   med   info

A relaxing atmosphere

Scenic photos and inspirational quotes, which are study proven to reduce stress, alternate with health-information panels. As a bonus, feeling at ease helps reduce patients’ perceived wait time.


Info that prepares them for their exam

Endocrinology-specific panels provide basic overviews and help patients understand what information to share with providers, what questions to ask and how to discuss sensitive topics.


& charts

Clear, engaging videos and diagrams delve further into various conditions. (Videos play only when activated.)






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