Questions For Your Healthcare Team About Osteoporosis

Health Monitor Staff
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Thinking about osteoporosis for the first time?
Ask your healthcare provider: 

  1. Am I at risk for bone loss?
  2. Could any of my other health problems (or medications I take) contribute to bone loss over time?
  3. Do I need a bone density test (DXA)?
  4. How do I know if I’m getting enough calcium and vitamin D and exercise?
  5. Do I need to take an osteoporosis medication to help protect my bones?

Already diagnosed with osteoporosis?
Ask your healthcare provider:

  1. How serious is my bone loss?
  2. Do I need another bone mineral density test? What do the results of my last tests mean?
  3. Are there lifestyle changes I’m not making that you’d recommend?        
  4. Is my current medication working? Do I need to try a new treatment?
  5. When should I schedule my next appointment?


July 2013