Help Your Partner or Parent Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

Tips to help your loved one live a healthier life

Health Monitor Staff
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4. Make healthy food choices second nature. It’s essential for everyone—not just folks with osteoporosis—to protect their bone health by getting enough vitamin D and calcium each day, and experts agree it’s best to get as much of those nutrients as possible through food. Since it’s important for both of you to eat right, convincing your partner to do so can be as easy as setting a good example.

If you primarily do the food shopping, keep junk food out of your cart and stock up instead on low-fat dairy, fresh produce, whole grains and lean protein. And if your loved one does the food shopping, or you share the task, agree together to change the family’s eating habits. For example, try saying: “I really haven’t been eating right—let’s buy some healthier snacks, like low-fat yogurt or string cheese.”

September 2011