Basics & Treatment: Osteoporosis

Since you can't see or feel osteoporosis, you may wonder, Why should I care about having osteoporosis? I feel fine! I look fine!

Don't be mistaken: This is a real health problem. Having osteoporosis means you are more likely to break a bone at some point. Osteoporosis is a "silent," often symptomless, disease. It happens when your bones become brittle and weak. This matters because, as we age, recovering from a broken bone can be a serious affair—often involving a hospital stay, rehabilitation and a loss of movement. Problems caused by a broken bone can result in a loss of independence and an inability to enjoy your favorite activities.

So, if you have osteoporosis, don't ignore it! Learn more about how to take care of yourself through good nutrition and exercise, and medical treatments that can help. We're here with important information to make taking care of yourself easier, so you can continue to live a normal, active life.