“I’m Back to Dancing—Thanks to My New Hip!”

Leslie Sandler’s hip replacement wasn’t easy—but she’s finally back to
living the life she loves.

Amy Capetta
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Today, Leslie is grateful she had the surgery. “Just a few months ago, I couldn’t fathom being as active as I am today,” says Leslie, who is easing back into ballet. “I feel really good. I have also grown emotionally and spiritually from this experience —and all for the better!”                 

Having a joint replaced? Here are Leslie’s tips for a smoother recovery:

Listen to your body. While pain medication can help many patients sleep through the night, Leslie says a heating pad worked best for her. “I also found relief through acupuncture and by going to a chiropractor,” she says. “It’s all about trial and error and finding out what works for you.”

Love the “new” you! Some patients recover quickly, while others, like Leslie, simply need more time. “I’ve also had to accept that ballet is no longer my body’s favorite exercise, which has not been easy for me. However, my ‘new’ hip loves salsa and Cardio Barre—two activities I could not do before the surgery—and it’s been amazing! Just be kind to yourself, both emotionally and physically, and you will come out stronger!”

Find that exercise “sweet spot.” “After my surgery, I found Pilates was the best exercise for my joints, followed by yoga. Walking was also essential. Don’t be too aggressive, but you do need to challenge yourself.”




May 2013