“I Fight Fires—and Hip Pain Can’t Stop My Call to Duty!”

Having his hips resurfaced helped keep firefighter Ken on the job.

Dana Gottesman
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Ken’s joint surgery tips

  • Let your buddies bolster you. “At work, I discovered there were about 10 guys in our jurisdiction who had had resurfacing done instead of replacement, all because I opened up about my upcoming surgery,” says Ken. “They gave me a lot of hope and great tips, like telling me to follow all the rehab steps.”
  • Don’t get too comfy. “During rehab, my doctor told me to get out of bed every hour and walk. The temptation is to stay put, but moving really speeds up your recovery. I started with 100 yards and had worked up to 1 to 2 miles by the end of rehab,” says Ken.
  • Voice your concerns. “I remembered after my first surgery, the rehab staff packed me up with ice. The second time around, they didn’t ice me right away. I was in a lot more pain, until I asked, ‘How come you aren’t icing me?’ They realized the mistake, and brought the ice right over.” 
  • Break a sweat. “After the procedure, I had about five weeks of physical therapy, and followed that up with a few months of rehab. I worked my tail off to get where I am now. When it comes to making a full recovery, diligence pays off big time.”


July 2013