Your Stories


Your Stories

  • “We’re in This Together”

    Mother and daughter harness healing power of love to fight cancer.

  • Conquering Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

    Diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 12 weeks pregnant, Lisa Bender successfully completed treatment and delivered her baby, Alice, now 2.

  • Healthy Eating During Treatment for Breast Cancer

    Healthy eating helped Annette Ramke, a four-year breast cancer survivor, feel her best as she endured cancer treatment.

  • Your Pictures of Success!

    We asked you to send us photos showing how you’ve overcome your  cancer diagnoses to accomplish great things. Here are our favorites!

  • “Chemo Took Care of My Cancer, I Took Care of Me!”

    Thanks to help from her trainer, Leslie didn't let chemotherapy interrupt her her dream of competing.