Prostate Cancer: Ask Your Oncologist

Health Monitor Staff
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Your healthcare provider is the best resource for advice on how to best manage your prostate cancer and continue to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. Here are some questions you may want to ask:

  • What is the exact type of cancer I have?
  • May I have a copy of my pathology report?
  • What is the chance that the cancer has spread beyond my prostate? If so, is it still curable?
  • What other tests (if any) do you think I need and why?
  • Are there other types of doctors I should talk to before deciding on treatment?
  • What is the clinical stage and Gleason score of my cancer? What do those mean in my case?
  • Is watchful waiting (active surveillance) an option for me? Why or why not?
  • What treatment choices do I have? Which treatment do you recommend, and why?
  • What are the chances that the treatment will help?
  • What side effects are likely to result from the treatment(s) that you recommend? And what can I do to help reduce these side effects?
  • How would treatment affect my daily activities? Will I still be able to work during my treatment?
  • Would a second opinion be helpful to me? If so, where can I get one before I start treatment?
  • Are there any clinical trials? If so, how can I learn more?
  • What should I do to maintain my health and well-being?
  • Will there be any pain? If so, how can I best manage it?
  • What symptoms should I watch out for? If I develop any of those symptoms, whom should I call?
  • Will my health insurance cover my treatment?
  • Can you recommend a prostate cancer support group?
  • Are there any support groups for my family?
May 2013