What to Expect During Your Radiation Treatments

Health Monitor Staff
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If you’re about to have your first radiation treatment, you may be a little apprehensive and full of questions such as: What will it be like? Will it hurt? How long will it last? You’ll find the answers here as well as other information that will help you feel prepared, calm and confident.

Speed through check-in.
You’ll need to check in when you arrive, so come prepared. Bring your insurance and hospital registration cards, names and addresses of your referring physician and primary care doctor, a list of meds and your pharmacy phone number.

Get changed.
You’ll put on a robe or gown and remove anything that might get in the way.

Meet your therapist and get settled.
Your radiation therapist will be with you throughout the day, so get ready to make a new friend. He’ll help you onto the table, put you in the right spot and monitor you from another room.

Be still and calm during the treatment. Like an X-ray, it’s invisible and painless and the machine won’t touch you.

Pass the time.
A session lasts 15 to 20 minutes (and you’ll likely be in and out of the office in less than 40 minutes). Lying still in the required position can get uncomfortable after a while, so listening to music on your iPod or MP3 player can keep you distracted. The music will also help drown out any noise the machine makes as it emits radiation.

Feel free to speak up.
You’ll be monitored from a TV, intercom or camera. So you can talk to the therapist if any problems arise.

May 2013