11 Questions for Your Next Migraine Exam

Good communication is the key to effective treatment for your migraine. Get started by asking these questions.

Health Monitor Staff
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Migraine Questions, Migraine Exam, Chronic Migraine
  1. Could my headache be a migraine?
  2. What’s the best way to identify my triggers?
  3. Could any of my medications be making my headaches worse?
  4. Which treatment do you recommend and why?
  5. Should I expect any side effects?
  6. How can I tell when a migraine is coming on, and at what point should I start taking medication?
  7. Could I benefit from preventive therapies?
  8. How long should I wait to assess if the preventive therapy is working to stop my headaches?
  9. What lifestyle changes can I make to reduce the frequency of my headaches?
  10. If I get daily headaches, could I have Chronic Migraine?
  11. When should I come back to see you?
January 2014