Metastatic Cancer: Your Healthcare Team

During your metastatic cancer treatment, a variety of medical professionals may come in and out of your life. Here are the healthcare providers you may work with.

Medical oncologist: An MD who specializes in treating cancer with medicine

Radiation oncologist: An MD who specializes in treating cancer using radiation

Surgical oncologist: An MD who specializes in treating cancer through surgery

Palliative care doctor: An MD specializing in preserving quality of life through pain management and symptom relief

Plastic surgeon: An MD who can assist with reconstruction after surgery, such as a mastectomy

Oncology nurse: An RN who provides care, support and education during cancer treatment

Infusion nurse: An RN who administers medications, such as chemotherapy, through infusions

Nurse navigator: An RN who educates you and provides supportive resources you and your family may need during treatment

Registered dietitian: A nutrition expert who can help you choose the best foods to eat

Psychiatrist: An MD who can prescribe medication to help you deal with depression, anxiety or other mental issues that arise as a result of your cancer diagnosis and treatment

Psychologist: A mental health professional who provides counseling for emotional issues

Social worker: A professional who can help you deal with psychological, financial and social issues