Walk Your Way to Calm With Metastatic Cancer

How would you like to melt away lingering tension while improving your physical well-being? Take just 10 minutes and you can make it happen.

Kathleen Engel
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Fatigue. Nausea. Stress. Pain. Researchers say there is a free and easy way to get relief from these common cancer-related symptoms. It's called mindfulness meditation, and it means being fully present and connected to the activity at hand. Best of all, you can practice it no matter what you're doing. Try this walking meditation to exercise your body and calm your mind:

Choose your path. It can be around the block or around your living room. Just pick somewhere comfortable.

Coordinate your breathing to your steps. Walk at a relaxed pace, inhaling for three steps, exhaling for three—or whatever feels natural.

Tune in to your bodily sensations. Focus on the soles of your feet as they hit the ground. How do your calves feel? Your knees? Your thighs? Take note of how your body maintains its balance.

Feel your clothing against your body. Notice how the fabric moves as you do.

Let go of tension. Relax your hips…your shoulders…your neck.

Focus on your breathing. As you inhale, say to yourself: I am where I long to be. As you exhale, say: I am coming home.

As you get used to walking meditation, try applying it every time you walk from the car or to the mailbox. Keeping your mind attuned to the present can allay anxiety and promote peaceful balance.

October 2012