Bone Metastases: Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Health Monitor Staff
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Becoming a proactive partner in your healthcare means gathering as much information as you can about your bone metastases. Ask these questions at your next exam. If it helps, ask a loved one to accompany you and jot down the answers for you.

  1. How extensive are my bone metastases?
  2. What can I do to prevent broken bones?
  3. What tests or scans will I need? How often will I need them?
  4. What treatment for my bone mets do you recommend and why?
  5. What are the risks, benefits and side effects of this treatment?
  6. How will we know if this treatment is working?
  7. What symptoms or side effects should I report to you?
  8. What can I do about bone pain?
  9. How can I monitor the health of my bones?
  10. Is there a clinical trial that could help me?
October 2012