Metastatic Cancer Resources

Are you looking for more information on metastatic cancer? Hoping to connect with others who understand you? Get the answers and the support you need. These organizations can help!

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HealthKeep is a totally anonymous way to connect and share with thousands of patients like you about your conditions, symptoms and medications. Log in today to become more engaged in your own health, and maybe help someone along the way.

Established in 1998, we are the premier global organization dedicated to young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Dedicated to metastatic breast cancer, offers information and support for patients, family members and friends. Here you will find links to online resources, and information about research and treatments.

Our programs sustain the power of hope. Passionately committed patients ourselves, we rally public attention to the urgent needs of the metastatic breast cancer community, help patients find strength through support and purpose, and work with researchers to make EVERY dollar count.

At, we believe that achievements start with education and a commitment to small, daily choices. We offer content that engages and informs, and we complement that information with practical tools that make living healthy an easy and sustainable process.
Survivorship A to Z is an independent not-for-profit corporation consisting of a small but dedicated staff, volunteer experts, volunteers living after a cancer diagnosis, patient advocates and caregivers.
The best cancer care starts with the best cancer information. With more than 30,000 members who are leaders in advancing cancer care, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the voice of the world's cancer physicians. ASCO's patient information website, Cancer.Net, brings the expertise and resources of ASCO to people living with cancer and those who care for and care about them. Well-informed patients are their own best advocates and invaluable partners for physicians.
"We strive to be a credible source for triple negative breast cancer information, a catalyst for science and patient advocacy groups, and a caring community with meaningful services for patients and their families".

A national, patient-led organization that provides information and education to people living with metastatic breast cancer and their caregivers. MBCN and LBBC worked together to produce the "Guide for the Newly Diagnosed." The free, 52-page booklet offers concise explanations and practical advice for people with metastatic breast cancer.
Founded in 2007 by a young adult cancer survivor, Stupid Cancer is a nonprofit organization that empowers young adults affected by cancer through innovative and award-winning programs and services.
For over 20 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer has been providing education, support services and improving the quality of life for women of all ages who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. LBBC empowers these women to make the best and most informed decisions for themselves and their families.
Fifth Season FinancialFifth Season Financial provides online loans to people living with advanced cancer, secured solely by the face value of their life insurance policy. The goal of our “Loans for Living” program is to provide individuals access to discretionary cash, currently locked up in their life insurance policy, while preserving a portion of the policy benefit for the insured’s beneficiaries. When one is living with advanced cancer a full set of emotional, medical, and financial stresses arise. To ensure the best medical options available and for the patient’s personal well-being, it is vital to gain financial stability and quality of life. Fifth Season Financial is in your corner to help.
June 2013