Basics & Treatment


  • Moving Forward With Metastatic Cancer

    Tomorrow. Next week. Next year. With today's personalized treatment approaches and breakthroughs just round the bend, you have every reason to look to the future.

  • Metastatic Cancer: Overview

    Metastatic cancer is cancer that has spread from its original location to another part of the body, most commonly the lungs, liver and bones.

  • Metastatic Cancer: Causes & Risk Factors

    Simply having or having had cancer is a risk factor for metastases. Some cancers are more likely to spread than others. Still, doctors can’t predict who will develop metastatic cancer over time.

  • Metastatic Cancer: Symptoms

    Some people with metastatic tumors have no or minimal symptoms. However, when symptoms do occur, the type and frequency depend on the size and location of the metastases.

  • Metastatic Cancer: Diagnosis

    When doctors suspect the spread of your primary cancer from one part of the body to the other (metastasis), they’ll typically order one or more of the following tests.


  • Living With Late-Stage Breast Cancer

    Get answers to your most pressing questions about living with metastatic cancer.

  • Metastatic Cancer: Your Treatment Options

    The treatments you and your healthcare team decide upon depend on several factors.

  • Making Informed Decisions About Treatment

    When you have metastatic cancer, you'll be faced with many emotions and even more information. Here's how to make the decisions about your treatment less daunting.

  • How Bone Mets Are Treated

    Find out options for shrinking or stopping the growth of bone mets.

  • Metastatic Cancer: Stop Germs

    Steps to stay safe and protect yourself from everyday germs.