Meet William Ulrich III: 2015 PA Semifinalist

William J. Ulrich III, PA-C practices at Muskegon Family Care in Muskegon Heights, MI

Health Monitor Staff
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Patient Rosanna V. shares how this physician assistant made a difference in her life:

"I believe that my PA, Bill Ulrich, is a life changer - he has changed mine! He has an awesome bedside manner, is easy going and is a very good listener. I believe that he has been keeping me alive. 

I have trouble with my blood pressure along with other problems and it takes a lot of work. Whenever I get sick, Bill is there to keep me on my feet. He keeps me well enough so that I can do my job as a volunteer foster grandparent in school. When he fills out the paperwork he makes sure I will be able to do the job.

Bill is the only person who has taken care of me for the past 16 years. I used to be one of those people who would go to different doctors, but once I ment Bill that all stopped. He has been a godsend and I fully trust him. He has gotten me to stay in one place that knows me and my medical history and stop bouncing around." —Rosanna V.

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April 2015