Meet Wallace M. Green: 2013 PA Semifinalist

Wallace, PA-C, practices at Southern Crescent Neurological Clinic, PC, in Fayetteville, GA

Health Monitor Staff
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Wallace M. Green, PA-C
Wallace M. Green, PA-C

Patient Jim W. shares how this physician assistant made a difference in his life:  

“I am a practicing attorney, and have been for 36 years. The only thing I’ve dealt with longer than the practice of law were migraine headaches. I had always gone to general practitioners. Finally I decided to see a neurologist. I went to see Kenneth Lazarus, MD, PhD. It was there that I met my LifeChanger nominee, Wallace M. Green, PA-C. 

I see Wallace more and spend more time talking to him than to Dr. Lazarus. I didn’t know that a PA-C would be as well informed as Wallace. His knowledge is current on all the questions I have and he takes the time to answer them.

In tracking and describing my headaches, we made a great discovery. I’d have a very distracting pain develop in the middle of my head that traveled to the back of my head and stopped at the top of my neck. It was there that it would become almost unbearable. The discovery? I was actually dealing with two headaches. The pain in back of my head was a vascular problem, possibly created, in part, by the medication I was taking for the pain in the middle of my head.

The narcotic painkillers were not working for me. But, a drug used to treat vascular problems would. Wallace helped me get a generic medication that I can afford. But that’s not the end of the story. Sometimes, none of my medication will kill the pain. I get an appointment with Wallace and he gives me a series of trigger-point shots and a pain shot that kills the pain.

Dr. Lazarus and Wallace are a team who will not let you suffer without doing something about it. They have both worked with me for several years now with all my aches and pains. And, practicing law for 36 years can be a pain. I only hope that neither of them quits practicing before I do. It is an honor for me to nominate Wallace for the LifeChanger Award.” —Jim W. 

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July 2013