Meet Terry Lybrand: 2014 NP Semifinalist

Terry Lybrand, ANP, practices at Healthstat Clinic in Little Rock, AR.

Health Monitor Staff
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Patient Cathy D. shares how this nurse practitioner made a difference in her life:

"My nurse practitioner, Terry Lybrand, saved my life. I work in a medical clinic and one day was feeling unwell. I told Terry and she took me to a room to examine me. After running some tests, she told me I needed to go immediately to the emergency room because I had probably had a heart attack. She worked through my denial and got me to the hospital where I was treated and later received a pacemaker. Had she not been there for me I would probably have gone home and died in my sleep as I did not recognize the symptoms for what they were. She always focuses on the patient and is unrelenting in finding the root cause of her patient’s problems. She is, in a word, awesome. She is smart, caring and compassionate. Without a doubt she saved my life and I am forever grateful." Cathy D.

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March 2014