Meet Susan Weiner: 2015 DE Winner

Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN practices at Susan Weiner Nutrition, PLLC in Merrick, NY

Health Monitor Staff
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Patient Nicola F. shares how this diabetes educator made a difference in her life:

"I would like to nominate Susan Weiner for the Diabetes Educator LifeChanger Award. About 16 years ago, I was an endocrine mess. In attempting to lower my cholesterol and get to the root of why I could not lose weight, my doctor recommended I see a nutritionist. I was reluctant at best. Shortly after meeting Susan, I found myself pregnant. So I was an overweight, hypothyroid, woman in my mid-thirties with polycystic ovarian syndrome and NO ONE, not one physician, one nurse, one clinician took the time to explain the interactions of any of these conditions to me. Except Susan.

Her ability to diagnose the patient and not just the underlying condition allowed me to finally address this nest of issues. Fast forward some months and I found I was also a gestational diabetic. Talk about emotional! Insulin injections, restricted foods and a cast of doctors who each wanted me to do something new. I'm a bright woman, but this onslaught was more than one person could take.

Susan rescued me, even before I knew I needed her help. She made the Byzantine rules clear, she helped me find me own way through the maze of instructions and restrictions and she calmed me to the point where I delivered a healthy 6 lb 10 oz baby that – for the first time in my hospital’s 20 year history – did not have to go to NICU, because her sugars were perfect (and so was my A1c, as it happened). With Susan’s help, I’ve weathered and overcome some very challenging health events. Her counsel is invaluable to me and my family and directly effects the quality of the life I live today.

I still have endocrine conditions that I manage with Susan Weiner’s help. I’ve learned a great deal, sure, but whatever may come, I know I have a good and true advisor, someone who not only understands diabetes, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol and what it means to live with all of these, but someone who consistently puts her insight and experience to work on my behalf." —Nicola F.

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April 2015