Meet Sister Rosemary Dauby: 2013 PA Semifinalist

Sister Rosemary, PA, practices at the Harrison Crawford Health Clinic in Leavenworth, IN.

Health Monitor Staff
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Sister Rosemary Dauby
Sister Rosemary Dauby, PA

Patient William C. shares how this physician assistant made a difference in his life:

“She’s as good as any doctor I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot. But as a Sister of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, IN, and former social worker, Sister Rosemary takes her ministry to another level.

She listens. Empathizes. Comforts. And provides the precious gift of time. Patients love her. When they talk to Sister Rosemary, they feel listened to and like they’re getting more than just medication. When patients bare their soul, there is a bond between the patient and Sister Rosemary. That’s a miracle, too—that they feel they’ve been understood. And the miracle comes from the hospitality.” William C.

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August 2013