Meet Laurie Rudolph: 2015 ONN Semifinalist

Laurie Rudolph BSN, OCN, CBCN practices at Ann B. Rodriguez Cancer Center at Reston Hospital in Reston, VA

Health Monitor Staff
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Patient Margaret C. shares how this oncology nurse navigator made a difference in her life:

"The one person that I could never thank enough is Laurie Rudolph, my breast cancer nurse navigator. The first time I met her she introduced herself and shook my hand, then put a hand on my shoulder and asked me how I was doing. She asked me how I felt and how I was coping, all with such a caring interest. 

Up until that point, no one had asked me how I felt or how I was coping. It was just 'You have breast cancer and you need a right mastectomy.' I had kept my feelings bottled up inside as though I wasn't allowed to have feelings. It was the first time that I actually cried and had someone to listen to and comfort me.

Laurie was always there for me and treated me like I was a long lost friend. She said she was there to help me in any way she could, and she did. She was a wealth of information, answering questions about everything - diagnosis, proceedures, treatments, financial aid, support groups.

During chemo she'd call and check on me. She was an advocate for me when I had no strength. She fought for me. I could never repay her for all her kindness, caring, and compassion. She was alwyas there for me and she still is." —Margaret C.

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April 2015